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First Trip to the Vet

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Going to the vet can be overwhelming and sometimes stressful for you and your pet. To help make it a stress free visit, here is some information about what will happen and what to expect when you come in for your first visit.

When booking an appointment, our team will first ask you if have visited any of our Peninsula Vet Care hospitals before. If you haven’t, we will gather a few details about your pet and yourself.

When you arrive at the clinic, our friendly nurses will greet you. We will ask you to weigh your dog so that we can track their weight. For cats and rabbits, we use smaller scales in our consult rooms so they don’t get stressed out in the waiting room. Your pet’s weight is important to calculate treatment dosages, including flea and worming preventative medications.

When it is time for your pet’s appointment, your veterinarian will greet you and your pet before taking you into a consult room. Your vet will ask you some general background questions regarding your pet’s well-being, including any concerns about health or behaviour. They may also discuss areas of general healthcare with you including:

  • Vaccinations
  • Heartworm, intestinal worm and flea treatments
  • Behavioural and environmental stimulation for your pet

Your vet will then perform a thorough physical examination of your pet. This will involve listening to your pet’s heart, checking their temperature and checking their joints, skin, teeth and ears. This examination (along with your observations) is vital to assessing the health of your pet.

Once the check-up is complete, your vet will discuss their findings and recommend a treatment plan.

If your pet has come in for a vaccination, the vaccination is given via injection and a vaccination card is completed for your records.

After the appointment, you will then be able to finalise your account with the reception team and book in any reminders or follow-ups. Please remember, if you have any concerns regarding your best friend, we are only a phone call away.

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