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Unwanted behaviours, like barking, biting, spraying, and property destruction, are the leading cause of rehoming, abandonment and euthanasia of pets in Australia. Many pets end up spending their life separated from their loving family or in constant fear and anxiety, as their human family does not know how to help them.

That’s why we offer behaviour sessions to help you and your pet have a better relationship. We have had amazing lifesaving results, we can help you and your pet too.

  • A pre-appointment questionnaire, which is assessed by the vets before the visit.
  • An appointment time 1 to 2 hours to make a thorough assessment and go over treatment and behaviour modification techniques with you and your pet.
  • Three-months of phone consults to fine-tune the behaviour modifying program to get you very comfortable with these techniques.

Our experienced behaviourists have completed post-graduate studies in animal behaviour, and are passionate about improving individual human-pet relationships through extended behaviour consultation.

Dr Carol Crowther, is available for online support.  Dr Glenn Tobianski, is available for online and in home visits.

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