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Dentistry for pets is vital for their wellbeing, comfort and ongoing health. Annual checks are recommended to ensure your pet’s best health. Unhealthy teeth can affect your pet’s overall health and can lead to more serious issues if not cleaned regularly. Check out our video demonstrating how to brush your pet’s teeth at home.

If your dog and your cat is over three years old, they likely have dental disease.

Your dog doesn’t brush their teeth everyday like you do. Your pets rely on chewing food, toys, bones and dental treats to clean their teeth of food, debris and the random things they eat. If your dog or cat isn’t chewing on their food, bacteria settles in on the surface of their teeth and in their gums. As your pet ages, these bacteria form plaque on your pets teeth, calcifying to stick to your pets teeth.

Our pets can be champions at hiding pain. Plaque causes inflammation, infection and can come in the form of loose plaque covering the teeth, this is painful for your pet. Dental disease can ultimately result in the loss of teeth, or in extreme cases, sepsis, kidney or heart disease and death.

We have advanced dental equipment, including dental x-rays, so that we can provide the best care for your pet.

Treatment of dental disease requires your pet to undergo a general anaesthetic, which allows your vet to investigate, clean (scale and polish) and extract diseased teeth, if required.

If you notice your pet has bad breath, is reluctant to eat or has a sore mouth, come see us at Peninsula Vet Care.

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