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Treating and Preventing Fleas

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Fleas are widespread on the Peninsula, as they love the warm weather and sandy soil. It provides the ideal environment for fleas.

The second most ideal environments for fleas, however, are your home and your pet! Fleas feed on your pet’s blood, then lay eggs. These eggs hatch into larvae that crawl into dark areas of your home, under furniture, and into the carpet.  Fleas then hide as pupae in cocoons, awaiting movement and heat to hatch, then jump on their prey, your pet!

In order to remove fleas from your pet, home and life, you must eliminate fleas from your dogs, cats and other pets.

How can you control fleas in your home? Dogs and cats share the same fleas. All pets in your home must be on a flea preventive medication. We can provide you with the safest and most effective flea preventive for your pet’s needs.

Here are some FAQ’s to keep you prepared and hopefully prevent fleas in your home. Furthermore, check out our video on how to look for fleas on your pet.

Fleas can cause anemia (low red blood cell counts) in heavy infestations, especially in young or sick dogs. Fleas can also carry diseases, including tapeworms.

Successful flea control includes treating both your home and your pet. We have flea prevention medications at our Peninsula Vet Care hospitals, call us for more information.

Shampoos, sprays, powders and topical preparations are all available. Be sure to consult your local Peninsula Vet Care hospital to choose the most effective and safe flea products for your home and pet.

Environmental preparations are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Remember that most products are only effective against the adult flea. Your veterinarian can provide you with flea products that contain Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) that will help destroy the flea eggs and larvae. Before applying any environmental product, we recommend vacuuming your carpet to stimulate the pre-adult fleas to emerge from their protective cocoons. Be sure to discard the vacuum cleaner bag after its use.

Concentrate on dark, shaded areas. Spray a product containing an IGR and repeat every 14-21 days for three to five applications.

Flea treatment guarantee

Have you heard about our new flea treatment price guarantee?

At each of our Peninsula Vet Care locations, we are able to secure better pricing from manufacturers on flea treatment products. And so, we are passing on those savings to you, our clients! We are so confident in our great new prices, that we have created our flea treatment price guarantee.

If you find a cheaper price from any local Peninsula business on any stocked flea treatment, we will beat it by 10%!

At Peninsula Vet Care, not only do we offer great prices, but also the expert advice to ensure you get the best product for your best friend.

Contact us today to find out more.

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