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Blood tests can show us important information to help diagnose disease or plan the best treatment for your pet. The technologies in all our hospitals allow us to test in-house, reducing costs and having peace of mind.

To provide the best quality care for your pet, pathology tests are often required to investigate the clinical signs and symptoms to allow us to give you a diagnosis, manage and hopefully cure your pet’s ailments.

We will often take samples and use microscopes to check what is causing an ear infection, further examine lumps, look at blood smears and assess itchy or inflamed skin. Sedation is at times needed, however, is infrequently required.

Blood samples may be run in our hospitals for a rapid diagnose with visually accurate results for assessing for signs of blood loss or toxicities, among other reasons. Blood tests can be used for pets of all ages, including senior pets (+7 years old) for early detection of disease. These samples are often assessed with a urine sample, so come prepared!

We also use an external veterinary laboratory for expert pathologist opinions for samples that are more difficult to visually diagnose under a microscope. This will guide us to identify the best antibiotic or treatment plan for your pet.

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